Thread: Does coloring the output reduce portability?

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    Does coloring the output reduce portability?

    I would like to know whether coloring the output of a program is a good practice and if it reduces portability. For example, printing an error message in red:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define RED "\x1b[1;31m"
    #define NO_COLOR "\x1b[0m"
    printf("%sAn error ocurred.%s\n", RED, NO_COLOR);
    When I compile and run the program it shows color both in the terminal emulator and the virtual terminal (switching by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1) in my GNU/Linux system. Some GNU utilities also have an optional --color flag to enable color, but I wonder if this can reduce portability in other cases like executing it in Windows.

    Should colors be used?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, adding colour will reduce portability.

    And the --colour option is the way to do if you want to add eye candy.

    Also, colour can really mess up peoples attempts to do something like
    yourprog | anotherprog

    If yourprog blindly outputs colour regardless, then any attempt to parse or redirect will cause unnecessary additional grief.
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    Well, you could abstract the color behind a function which would have a different implementation for different OSes. You could also try to detect whether your program outputs directly to the console or to some file, and decide to enable or disable colors accordingly ("--color=auto" does exactly that).
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