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    Question Pseudo to C Converter

    Hello there!

    I am new to forum so I hope I will not do anything wrong.
    There is a C term project I must do. I must write a C code that reads a pseudo code from a .txt file and converts to C code, using given syntax. It don't need to be complex. It just must convert small code pieces. But as I don't have any idea how to do it or where to learn it, I know there are books but time for this assignment is very short and I have final exams so I can't read whole books. I would be appreciated if you have any documentation for this issue, please consider that I am newbie to this subject. I know how to read from file, how to write to a file ofcourse. I just need to know how to analyse code. Thanks!

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    Maybe one could it just pin on (sticky):

    Dear boys and girls, an University (Year) Project starts on the first day it was presented. The work starts on this day, in the library or in what and with whatever.

    But the Project does not start in the student bar, not at student parties or hot Dates around the clock , and so on, and it does not start three days before the end of the University (Year) Project. - That's life!

    Keep cool!

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