Thread: Can you use a variable in the name of a variable?

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    Can you use a variable in the name of a variable?

    In this code I'm working on

    function(int n) {
    block[3].whole = cashless1.displayData[1];
    block[4].whole = cashless1.displayData[2];
    block[5].whole = cashless1.displayData[3];
    block[6].whole = cashless1.displayData[4];
    block[7].whole = cashless1.displayData[5];
    block[8].whole = cashless1.displayData[6];
    block[9].whole = cashless1.displayData[7];
    block[2].whole = cashless1.displayData[0];
    I have two identical cashless payment devices with the only difference between them in the code being the number in their name/tag.
    I have functions that are set up to interact with one cashless payment device at a time, and I'm trying to add the functionality of being able to switch betwween which device the functions interact with, by giving it a number when you call the function.

    Is there a way to edit all the references/tags for the 'cashless1' device, and have something like 'cashless#' where the pound sign is a variable/number that inserts the value given to 'n' when you call the function? Basically is there a way you can insert 'n' into the cashless device variables so I don't have to make a new copy of each function for each device that exists?

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    No, there is no such thing as a "variable" variable name.

    If I understand your situation, the best way to do it is to make the "cashless" variable a parameter to your function:
    typedef struct Cashless {
        int x, y;
    } Cashless;
    void function(Cashless *cashless) {
        cashless->x = 24;
        cashless->y = 42;
    int main() {
        Cashless cashless1, cashless2;  // or use an array
        return 0;
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