Thread: Command for opening C project

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    Command for opening C project

    Greetings guys ! I'm so sorry for writing over here but I couldn't post that thread on LINUX forum .. !

    I have a file called "Project program" in C which having
    I saved the Document project program on the local disk D(in my PC).
    I'm new on Linux and don't know how I can open search for the Project Program and go to the Project.c for compiling it and afterwards going to Header1.h Adding words/changing words like changing the name of the function and save what I have changed on the header1.h .

    Can you please help me how can I do that by linux command?! I'm not succeeding at all !!

    thanks in advance

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    I'm not meaning by commands in C programming, I'm meaning in the command line what should I write !

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    How have you installed the GCC on Linux? The GCC install routine sets up the path; I had always SuSE and there has make it Yast.

    In Linux I have wrote programs in /home/lab/c - for example, and it there compiled, like in Windows.
    gcc -o xyz ...

    ("lab" is an abbreviation for "Labora!")

    PS: I think you have a lot of construction sites open now . . .
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