Thread: string manipulation, strnspn() a text file

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    string manipulation, strnspn() a text file

    /* Write a program that searches a text file for occurrences of a user-specified target string and then reports the line numbers where the target is found.  For example, if you search one of your C source code files for the string "printf()", the program should list all the lines where the printf() funcction is called by the program. */
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define BUFSIZE 128
    int main( void )
        char buf[BUFSIZE];
        char filename[60];
        FILE *fp;
        size_t loc;
        char string[80];
        if ( (fp = fopen("testfile.txt", "r")) == NULL)
            fprintf(stderr, "Error opening file.");
        printf("Enter the string to be searched: ");
        fgets(string, 80, stdin);
        int count, line_num;
        count = 0;
        line_num = 0;
        while (!feof(fp))
            fgets(buf, BUFSIZE, fp);
            loc = strspn(string, buf);
            printf("%d %s", line_num, buf);
                if ( loc == 0 )
                    printf("\nNo match was found.\n");
                    printf("\nCharacters match up to postion %lu.\n", loc-1);
    text file, testfile.txt (for program):

    apple banana mango strawberry Orange 100 200 300 +400 Watermelon
    well...i've spent a few hours on this code. I looked through my programming book at the string manipulation functions, not exactly sure what one to use for this exercise, but i chose strspn(). Also, I switched up the format of the source text file, including adding a list of words instead of a line of words separated by spaces. The program in the exercise should only display the words that are matching by fgets, or string.

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    strspn is not the right function to use: the idea of strspn is that the second string argument contains a set of characters used to search for in the first argument. What you're trying to do, however, is to find one string in another, so you should use strstr instead.

    Furthermore, you should use the return value of fgets to control the loop. I would write the code according to pseudocode like this:
    while read in line into buf using fgets
        increment line_num
        if string is found in buf according to strstr
            print line_num
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