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    Unhappy **need help with a program in C

    I need to rite a program to output a P6 ppm format image of an international flag(France flag and Jamaican flag). So far this is what I have but I feel like it is completely wrong. If anyone could help that would be great!
    **need help with a program in C-screen-shot-2018-11-27-3-32-56-pm-jpg

    These are the guidelines I need to follow:
    -The user will enter the width of the flag up to 1000 pixels and you will determine the appropriate height of the flag from its aspect ratio
    -Output a flag composed of 3 vertical or 3 horizontal stripes, such as a flag from France, Hungary, or Sierra Leone. Your code should include at least one function.
    -in addiction to your program, your program should output a flag composed of a "cross" such as a flag from Denmark, Iceland, or the Dominican Republic. Your code should include at least two functions. Your program should also provide a user menu so that the user can select one flag or the other, based on the flag's country of origin
    your program should output a flag composed of diagonals or triangles such as a flag from the Czech Republic, Jamaica, or Kuwait. The user interface should now include 4 options: 3 flag options (one from each grade level) and an option to exit the program
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    Read up on functions; it is not normal to have a function inside the main function.

    Functions in C -

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    Next time, put your code between [code][/code] tags.
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