Thread: running .exe file with CreateProcess

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    running .exe file with CreateProcess

    so im trying for a couple of days to run a simple .exe file (that creating a simple text file) using the function createprocess. i put the path that i want to run, in the cmd, as the second input for the function. the debugger says that the function succeed but the txt file does not apear anywhere. how can i know whats been happening?
    i tried so many things like using TCHAR and backslashes for the path but none solved it.
    i can add my thread function code if someone would like to observe it.

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    Yes, you need to post your code.
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     DWORD WINAPI thread_function(LPVOID lpParam) 
    	TCHAR *t;
    	int command_line_out = 100;
    	tests_line *test = (tests_line*)lpParam;
    	char command_line[MAX_LINE_LEN];
    	TCHAR *fixed_exe_line[MAX_LINE_LEN];
    	//connect_file_name_and_args(test, &command_line); // creating the command line "text1.exe hello"
    	//printf("\n%s\n", command_line);
    	*fixed_exe_line = _T("\"C:\\Users\\sagic\\Desktop\\Example1 test1.exe\" hello");
    	STARTUPINFO start_info ;
    	PROCESS_INFORMATION process_info ;
    	ZeroMemory(&start_info, sizeof(STARTUPINFO));
    	ZeroMemory(&process_info, sizeof(PROCESS_INFORMATION));
    	DWORD wait_code;
    	if( !CreateProcess(NULL,fixed_exe_line , NULL, NULL, FALSE, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, NULL, NULL, &start_info, &process_info))
    		printf("%d", GetLastError());
    		printf("create process failed");
    		return ERROR;
    	wait_code = WaitForSingleObject(process_info.hProcess,INFINITE);
    	if (WAIT_OBJECT_0 != wait_code)
    		printf("Error when waiting\n");
    		return ERROR;

    i want to add that if i run the process outside the thread function it does run test1.exe.

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    bInheritHandles should (presumably) be TRUE.
    And lpApplicationName should probably not be blank.
    start_info needs to have it's size field set. You can zero it and set the size field like this:
    STARTUPINFO start_info = {sizeof start_info} ;
    It the name of your executable really "Example1 test1.txt"? Or should there be a \\ between those two words?
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