Thread: C program not executing Serially

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    C program not executing Serially

    According to me C program should execute sequentially. I am referring to one of the standard C example projects developed by the micro controller chip manufacturers, i see in some of the functions where it sometimes executes the previous lines of code.
    void func1(void)
     Line1: Statement 1
     Line2: Statement 2
     Line3: Statement 3
    It executes Statement2 and normally should execute statement3 but it executes statement1 and then comes back to statement3.

    How is it possible? Please advise.

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    Perhaps you should post the actual example. In your overly simplified example, it looks either impossible, or perhaps you're missing an obvious goto or something.
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    You sometimes see weird stuff happening if you're trying to single step the code in a debugger.
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    Why is it so ? And how shall i proceed ? Can i just neglect and proceed ? Please advise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satya View Post
    Why is it so ?
    It isn't so. (EDIT: Unless you're referring to Salem's comment about single-stepping; if you have your optimization on high enough, and you have a fancy enough compiler, it might be able to determine that (a) the two lines are "independent" enough that they can be done in either order and (b) it is faster to do line two before line one.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Satya View Post
    And how shall i proceed ? Can i just neglect and proceed ? Please advise.
    What are you seeing that makes you think it is happening? Be as specific as possible. (Are you in the debugger? Are you watching LEDs being lit up by your chip?
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