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    Ternary operator

    Hello everyone

    A newbie in C i am and this is my first post / question

    What is the difference between

    #define getmax(x,y) ((x)>(b)?(x)y))


    #define getmax(x,y) (x > y) ? x : y

    Why the need for parentheses in the first version ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Compile and run this program:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define getmax_v1(x, y) ((x) > (y) ? (x) : (y)) 
    #define getmax_v2(x, y) (x > y) ? x : y
    int main(void)
        int a = 10;
        int b = 20;
        printf("v1: %d\n", getmax_v1(a, b + 1) * 2);
        printf("v2: %d\n", getmax_v2(a, b + 1) * 2);
        return 0;
    In general, to avoid these kinds of problems, unless the expression is already a primary expression (e.g., a constant), we surround the entire expression in a pair of parentheses, and surround each of the macro identifiers in the expression with parentheses as they could be complex expressions, so this eliminates the chance that precedence rules might cause an unexpected result.
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