Thread: Need help with this code please

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    Need help with this code please

    unsigned int myAdd(unsigned int p, unsigned int q){
        unsigned int mySum;
       * loop 32 times
       * add a pair of bits from p and q, and the previous carry bit
       * record the sum bit in the corresponding bit in mySum
       * the first carry bit is zero
       * the last carry bit is discarded, assuming no overflow
    int main(){
        unsigned int p, q, mySum,i;
        printf("Enter the 1st integer:\n");
        printf("Enter the second integer:\n");
        return 0;
    I need help how to write myAdd functions this is as far I've gone, I know I have to take MSB of both p and q and then call a fullAdder(msb_p, msb_q), and then shift p and q right. and repeat the loop 32 times but I can't put it into code I'm so confused?
    Please, someone, help thanks in advance.

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    For two single bits a and b

    sum = a ^ b;
    carry = a & b;

    Have you searched google for "bitwise addition", there's plenty of things to look at.
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