Thread: A very new beginner seeking help

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    A very new beginner seeking help

    My Questions:
    1. What am I doing wrong? No matter how long a number I input the output never exceeds 19.
    2. Why does it have to be "long long" for the integer. By trial and error I have found out that this is the only one that fits. (When I used float the output is always 46.)A very new beginner seeking help-screenshot-5-jpg

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    The maximum value for a signed long long integer is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
    If you type in something a bit larger than that, it will just wrap around to being negative.
    Values will get smaller and smaller until you finally hit 18446744073709551616, at which point your integer will be zero.

    There are various "bignum" libraries, which would allow you to enter arbitrarily large integers, but I suspect for the purpose of this exercise, that would be out of scope.

    And no, floats will not help you here.
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