Thread: Hey guys im a noob please help

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    Hey guys im a noob please help

    Im trying to shorten a bit of code,
    printf("Please enter your students exam mark seperated by a space\n");
      scanf("%d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d", &grade[1], &grade[2], &grade[3], &grade[4], &grade[5], &grade[6], &grade[7], &grade[8], &grade[9], &grade[0]);
    The code works but its a bit annoying having all of these different variables like this in another bit of code ive used a for loop,
       for (i=0; i<10; i++){
        sum += grade[i];
    This adds up all the variables. I was wondering if there was something like this is could use in my scanf function.

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    Try in the same kind of loop
    Also, this:
    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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