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    Looping a socket connection

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to loop a connection to a site where different pages only means changing 1 number.

    The modified socket details below work fine the first time round, but when it loops the first print (debug) works, but is followed by numbers from the first selection and the printf(enter new number) never shows.

    while(1) {

    printf("Debug Test") ;
    printf("\nEnter New Number ");
    fgets(NewNum,7,stdin) ;
    sBuffer1 = "GET /Path" ;
    char *sBuffer2 = NewNum ;

    strcat(sBuffer1,sBuffer2) ;
    sent_bytes = send(sDesc, sBuffer1, (int) strlen(sBuffer1), 0) ;

    data_bytes = recv(sDesc, buffer, BUFF, 0) ;

    buffer[data_bytes] = '\0' ;
    printf("%s",buffer) ;


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    > sBuffer1 = "GET /Path" ;
    > strcat(sBuffer1,sBuffer2) ;

    This by itself is never going to work as you want, regardless of whatever else you're trying to do.

    You need to allocate suitable sized buffers and then use strcpy / strcat / snprintf to build your string.

    > data_bytes = recv(sDesc, buffer, BUFF, 0) ;
    > buffer[data_bytes] = '\0' ;
    1. You should use BUFF-1 so you know you have room for the \0
    2. You should check for success before using data_bytes as an array subscript.
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