Thread: How to remove text within parentheses in C ?

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    Question How to remove text within parentheses in C ?

    Hello everyone, I am beginner of C and I need a program to remove the text within parentheses.

    For example :
    Input : [0.12] Hello <int>
    Output : Hello

    Anyone can give me an example how to run this program?

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    So what are your thoughts on how this might be achieved?

    Think about the steps involved, break the problem down into manageable steps.
    A development process

    Do you have to deal with nested constructs like this?
    [0.12(345)] Hello <int>

    Do you have to deal with errors like mis-matches?
    [0.12[345] Hello <int>

    I would suggest you write a program which at least detects your parenthesis chars.
    while ( (ch=getc()) != EOF ) {
      if ( ch == '[' )
        printf("Found opening [\n");
    Make sure you can do that reliably before doing anything else.

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