Thread: C programming Need help Schoolwork Important !!!!!! HELP HELP .......

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    Post C programming Need help Schoolwork Important !!!!!! HELP HELP .......

    Can someone help me to solve question 3 , I need to write a program to display Name Age Gender and Income . My output come out with the fix statement i need to put the input and still get the output according to my input

    Write a program that prompts the user to enter name (single-word string), age(integer), gender(character, M or F ) and income(2 decimal place float) Read all input values by using only one scanf() function. The program will then display the values, with appropriate labels on separate lines

    Question 3:Enter <name> <age> <gender> <income> : (place that I put my name age gender and income)

    Name : (name according the name above)
    Age : (age according the age above)
    Gender : (gender according the gender above)
    Income : (income according the income above)

    ================================================== ========

    Sorry For my poor English .....
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    So what are you actually stuck on?

    - How to use printf?
    - How to use scanf?
    - How to use scanf to read several things at once?

    Seriously, this is basically the second exercise in any introductory text - exercise 1 being printf("hello world").

    Post some kind of attempt so we can see what is actually holding you up.
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    From your explanation it seems clear you know the task at hand. What is holding you back? Need to see a sample or you need someone to code it outright for you?

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    1. prompt user to input desired content
    2. create the necessary variables
    3. scan the user input and place in designated variables.
    4. Using printf display the content in their own lines. (\n will create a new line for you)

    Its a simple assignment. Its hard to help more than that unless you can tell us exactly where your issue resides

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