Thread: How to print out the data throw printer.Attn Salem

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    Exclamation How to print out the data throw printer.Attn Salem

    How to print out the data using printer?
    My problem is how can printer print out the data of my need.In my program i ready can display the data of i need in screen ,but now i want print the data out but, i don't know what should do.
    If who know please give me the sample code, for reference
    Salem i using window 98 and borland turbo c++ 4.5 compiler.
    and if i want select record from the data file ,and i only want print this select data it is also can use the code of u given?
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    I also would like to know. Im using Borland C++ Builder 3 on Windows NT4 Workstation (Service Pack 6). Hope this is enough

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    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ( int argc, char **argv ) {
    // use one of these to open a stream to the printer
    //    FILE *fp = stdprn;    // some environments define this at startup
    //    FILE *fp = fopen( "LPT1:", "w" );
    //    FILE *fp = fopen( "PRN:", "w" );
        // print to the printer
        // the \f is a formfeed - you might not see anything until you
        // use this to tell the printer the page is complete
        fprintf( fp, "hello world\n\f" );
        return 0;
    Try one of these FILE* pointers
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