Thread: Can't work with full name!

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    Can't work with full name!

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #pragma warning(disable:4996)
    int main()
        char name[50];
        int year1, year2;
        int age;
        //Ask for the name
        printf("What is the name of subject?\n");
        printf("Enter name.. ");
        scanf("%s[^\n]", name);
        //Ask for the birthyear
        printf("What year did %s born?\n",name);
        printf("Enter as a 4-digit number (YYYY) : ");
        scanf("%d", &year1);
        //Ask for the target year
        printf("What is the target year?\n");
        printf("Enter as a 4-digit number (YYYY) : ");
        scanf("%d", &year2);
        age = year2 - year1;
        //Display age in target year
        printf("%s is %d years old in %d.", name, age, year2);
    This code will work with first name or last name without spaces but not with full name,help!

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    Try "%[^\n]" instead of "%s[^\n]". That said, when you read a string you should specify the field width, so it should be ""%49[^\n]" as name can store a string of a maximum length of 49. Unfortunately, while this would protect against buffer overflow, you would have to do more work to handle such a long input gracefully, but I suspect that's beyond the scope of what you need to do.
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