Thread: Tetrix game project [C / SDL library]

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    Tetrix game project [C / SDL library]

    I hope this is the correct section because this is my first post and sorry for my bad english .
    I attacched my project to show you my problem. I created all structure i needed and i created a preview of tetrix field but I don't know how to detect if a field's box is occupied by a block.
    Can you explain me the algorythm to resolve my problem?
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    1. You need to start doodling lots of diagrams like this, and figuring out what it means for two shapes to overlap (or not).Tetrix game project [C / SDL library]-20180601_165716-jpg

    2. You need to have done this before writing any code.

    Any programming assignment that takes longer than one keyboard session needs some design work up front, and some ongoing design work as you progress.
    Software development process - Wikipedia

    You don't need to go overboard for a relatively simple program such as this, but a few sketches and notes on paper will save you tons of effort down the line.

    You should also get into the habit of prototyping some of the difficult things (eg object collision detection) in advance. Simply picking the low hanging fruit, then wondering what to do next is a recipe for disappointment.

    Don't forget this either.
    Version control - Wikipedia
    By testing and committing regularly, you'll never be too far from a working version. Being able to 'diff' working and non-working is a powerful tool.

    There's no end of tales of woe on forums relating to "It used to work, but I've forgotten all the changes I made and now it doesn't work "
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
    If at first you don't succeed, try writing your phone number on the exam paper.

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    thank you Salem for you reply. You're right, I have so many shortcomings in the software development process because I'm an autodidact and i haven't read a book for SDL coding. I think I understand with your answer. Tomorrow I'll try to complete the project and I'll update you in case of problems.

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