Thread: Error message while running the code!

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    Error message while running the code!

    How, do I call out wrong input If I insert numbers with alphabets/symbols. Here is an example of the program!

    int main (void){
            int     grams_of_fat,   /* number of grams of fat in one serving */
                    total_calories; /* number of calories in one serving */
            float   fat_fraction,   /* fraction of calories due to fat */
                    percent;        /* percentage of total calories from fat */
            printf("This program will tell you how much of the calories in\n");
            printf("a food are from the food's fat content.\n\n");
            printf("How many grams of fat are in one serving?  ");
            printf("How many total calories are in one serving?  ");
            fat_fraction = (grams_of_fat * CALORIES_PER_GRAM) / total_calories;
            percent = fat_fraction * 100;
            if (grams_of_fat == 1) {
                    printf("\nA food with 1 gram of fat ");
            } else {
                    printf("\nA food with %d grams of fat ",grams_of_fat);
            if (total_calories == 1) {
                    printf("and 1 calorie per serving\n");
            } else {
                    printf("and %d calories per serving\n",total_calories);
            printf("has %.2f%% of those calories from fat.\n\n",percent);
            return 0; }
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    Scanf returns the number of items matched, so if it is less than what you expected (i.e., less than one for the format string "%d") then you have an error.

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