Thread: Creating My First Project with Code::Blocks

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    Creating My First Project with Code::Blocks

    Hello everyone,

    I have learnt a bit C programming but used the language for the case specific small tasks and always implemented all the functions I needed to one file. This time I have decided to create my first generalised application but I have got some problems.

    I am trying to write a heat transfer solver. I will start with a simple 1D, steady state solver. I created files for different things. For example I created a file called Initializer.c including the init function which initialises the arrays in the application.

    I created a project and add this file to my project. In main.c file I wrote #include <Initializer.c>. However, when building the project it says "No such file or directory". Can someone help me how I can use the function inside this file in the main.c file?

    I will have other questions when I progress but firstly I need to make this work.


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    For local files, you should use e.g.:
    #include "header1.h"
    #include "../include/header2.h"
    ... depending on where the files to be included are relative to the file containing these statements.

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    For non-header file you *need* to add the file to the project; this is the normal way to build the file.
    Including non-header file like "Initializer.c" is not normal.

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    Thanks for the replies, I had already added the file to the project but I was assuming I also needed to adress it with including. When I deleted the include line it just saw the file and worked.

    Now I have got another question. Can I create my own header files? If so, what is the difference between creating a header file then including it and creating a file and just add to the project?

    Edit: Also I wonder if I need to use the function prototype if I get the function from another file? If I don't use it still works but I wonder if it is the legit way.
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