Thread: heeeeeelp plzzz!!!

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    heeeeeelp plzzz!!!

    can anyone helps me with this plz?
    Write a program to do the following tasks by make use of string functions and array concepts:
    a. Read a file named test.txt, which contains many words.
    b. The words contain numbers, letters, and special characters.
    c. The special characters should be removed. Special character is any character not a letter nor a digit.
    d. Your program should count number of words.
    e. For each word, count how many characters it has and its occurrence in the input file.
    f. Sort the list of words based on the word length.
    g. The list of words with their length and frequency should be written on another file named Results.txt after sorting.
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    Nobody here is going to do your homework for you. Write your best attempt, and post it here. Then people can see what you're struggling with, and provide real help.
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