Thread: segment and some portions of an array homework help needed

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    segment and some portions of an array homework help needed

    100% honesty I am stuck on a homework assignment. I need to sum the raindata for each individual year. I am sure my code is overly complicated but so far I have done my best on my own and am starting to get desperate. My code is below. I am sure the multiple if statements and creation of the count variable are unneeded but I dont want the exact easy answer if possible I would like to fix the current code but if I need to scrap the entire function I would rather know now since I am running out of time.
    // C code
    // This program will input and store meteorological data into an array.
    // Developer: Faculty CMIS102
    // Date: Jan 31, XXXX
    #define NUMMONTHS 12
    #define NUMYEARS 5
    #include <stdio.h>
    // function prototypes
    void inputdata();
    void printdata();
    void sumdata();
    // Global variables
    // These are available to all functions
    float Raindata[NUMYEARS][NUMMONTHS];
    float Winddata[NUMYEARS][NUMMONTHS];
    float sum;
    int count;
    char years[NUMYEARS][5] = {"2011","2012","2013","2014","2015"};
    char months[NUMMONTHS][12]
    int main ()
    char enterData = 'y';
    printf("Do you want to input Precipatation data? (y for yes)\n");
    if (enterData == 'y') {
    // Call Function to Input data
    // Call Function to display data
    else {
    printf("No data was input at this time\n");
    printf("Please try the Precipitation program again. \n");
    return 0;
    // function to inputdata
    void inputdata() {
    /* variable definition: */
    float Rain=1.0;
    float Wind=1.0;
    // Input Data
    for (int year=0;year < NUMYEARS; year++) {
    for (int month=0; month< NUMMONTHS; month++) {
    printf("Enter rain for %d, %d:\n", year+1, month+1);
    // Function to printdata
    void printdata()
    // Print data
    printf ("year\t month\t rain\t wind\n");
    for (int year=0;year < NUMYEARS; year++) {
    for (int month=0; month< NUMMONTHS; month++) {
    printf("%s\t %s\t %.2f\t %f\n",
    //Function to sumdata
    void sumdata()
    sum = 0.0;
    count = 0;
    for (int year=0;year < NUMYEARS; year++) {
    for (int month=0; month< NUMMONTHS; month++) {
    count = count + 1;
    sum = sum + Raindata[year][month];
    if (count == 12)
    if (count == 24)
    if (count == 36)
    if (count == 48)
    if (count == 60)

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    I recommend that you:
    • Format your code properly, particularly in the area of indentation.
    • Only declare local variables, and hence pass around arguments to functions as needed.
    • Declare another array of 12 floats for the annual rain data sums. Likewise for wind data if that is required.
    • Rewrite the function to sum the rain data such that it only takes the rain data and sums it, storing the results into the new array. It should not print anything.
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    How much code have you written from scratch, and how much have you been ripping off from homework mills?

    Expert Help on CMIS 102 Week 8 Hand-On Lab | Smart Homework Help
    CMIS 102 Hands-On Lab Week 8 | WeCode -
    Solved: // This Program Will Input And Store Meteorologica... |
    ad nauseam

    Sure, you've added a couple of lines for wind data - hardly taxing as it's just copy/paste what was done for rain.

    If you really want to learn, stop googling for pre-chewed and regurgitated code samples.
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    Obviously the wind data was a easy alteration and the majority was provided to us for use the original code is everything in the sum function. I actually have not been using code samples Iím actually using the textbook and books I bought. If I was trying to cheat I would just pay the money to hire someone or use the coursehero because they have a full answer to exact assignment I could pay to use. Instead I chose to use forums and ask for help because I really donít know what I am doing I assume there is some ways to call only the month data from a year and sum that but I cannot figure it out. I have tried just making an ugly basic math equation to crudely force it for the best I could do was get a sum for 3 years individually the nature of that equation resets my sum to 0 for the other 2 sums. Thank you for assuming I have been cheating and trying to find an easy out and having to ask what was original it shows that at a glance it looks like I know why Iím doing.

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