Thread: Compacting a sparse matrix

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    Compacting a sparse matrix

    So i'm dealing with sparse matrix and i have to compact in into a single array, for this assignment i created a struct called Point that has a line, column and value and i created an array of Points.
    So, i dont have a 2d array, just a normal array of Points with their position on the matrix (line and column) and value.
    Lets imagine my matrix its like this (the -1s dont not count as values of the matrix):

     -1   5   6  -1  -1
     -1  -1  -1   7  -1 
      8   9  -1  -1   4
    I have to start with the line with the most elements and put those elements in the array ( thats already has a size pre defined), so, since the line with the most elements is the 3rd, it would look like this:

    8  9  -1  -1   4
    Then comes the 2nd line, but, as you can see, i can't keep the relative positions of the elements unless i move the line 1 spot to the front, it would look like this:

    8  9  5  6  4  -1
    In this case, the offset for the 2nd line is 1 because i had to move it 1 spot. For the final line, the one with the least elements, i have to move it 2 spots to the side, so the offset would be 2 and the final result would be:

    8  9  5  6  4  7
    This is my goal, first i created an array with the lines sorted by number of elements, but im really struggling with putting the elements in the array and keeping their relative positions. Remember, i dont have a 2d array, a just a normal array which each element is Point with a line, column and value.
    Normally i dont ask thngs like these but im really having a hard time and getting really frustrated. Does anyone have an idea, not even code, just for a algorhytm to solve this?

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    Where do relative positions come into this?

    Given this
    -1   5   6  -1  -1
    -1  -1  -1   7  -1 
     8   9  -1  -1   4
    Your Points looks like
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