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    C Language Call for Help

    Dear Forum,
    My name is Russell and I am new to this c language and have an assignment that I need help with due sunday final week of class. The program is set to ask for rainfall total per month for a span of 5 years. What I need to do is calculate the sum of all those totals over the span of 5 years using a loop and function I think I just dont know. Im so lost. I am desperate to get this done any one who would care to lend a helping hand I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    So what have you learnt so far in class?

    If you can read in a single rainfall for one month, then the rest is just a loop.

    Regardless of your timescales, desire, knowledge (or lack thereof), you need to show some actual effort to show you know something.

    We're not just going to dump a ready answer.
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    Be sure to initialize sum to zero (outside the loop) before you start adding to it.

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