Thread: rom/bios routines

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    Question rom/bios routines

    as little i know is that operating systems uses rom/bios routines to work with the hardware and in C we can directly access these routines and do the needful by passing software interrupts using 1nt86() and likewise.
    i would like to know does anyone know from where to get the list of all the rom/bios routines all 0-255 of them for ibm pc`s and the description of them, that what service number does what and which routine does what so that i could use them directly and bypass the dos operating system.i want to know of rom/bios routines
    not the dos-rom/bios routines which are just the dos functions utilizing thes rom/bios routines.

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    If u can, get hold of a book titled...

    C/C++ Programmers Guide to using the BIOS

    by Galgotia Publications...

    Help everyone you can

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