Thread: Implement function into this program?

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    Implement function into this program?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    struct Books {
       char  Name[50];
       char  author[50];
       char  subject[100];
       int   book_id;
    int main( ) {
       struct Books Book1;        /* Declare Book1 of type Book */
       struct Books Book2;        /* Declare Book2 of type Book */
       /* book 1 specification */
       strcpy( Book1.Name, "C Programming Learning ");
       strcpy(, "Nuha Ali");
       strcpy( Book1.subject, "C Program");
       Book1.book_id = 6495407;
       /* book 2 specification */
       strcpy( Book2.Name, "Telecom  Learning");
       strcpy(, "Zara Ali");
       strcpy( Book2.subject, "Telecom");
       Book2.book_id = 6495700;
       /* print Book1 info */
       printf( "Book 1 Name : %s\n", Book1.Name);
       printf( "Book 1 author : %s\n",;
       printf( "Book 1 subject : %s\n", Book1.subject);
       printf( "Book 1 book_id : %d\n", Book1.book_id);
       /* print Book2 info */
       printf( "Book 2 Name : %s\n", Book2.Name);
       printf( "Book 2 author : %s\n",;
       printf( "Book 2 subject : %s\n", Book2.subject);
       printf( "Book 2 book_id : %d\n", Book2.book_id);
       return 0;

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    I might define two functions:
    • A function to populate a struct Books object given a pointer to the object and its member values.
    • A function to print a struct Books object.
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