Thread: need help on assignment about struct and query the data

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    need help on assignment about struct and query the data

    For this assignment you will be combining file IO, dynamic memory allocation, and structures
    by processing a NFL team roster. Football I usually big among the population, so I picked a
    football roster for the input file with standardized data. Additionally, football rosters are large
    enough so your solution will be not trivial.
    Part 1: Count the number of players
    I have attached the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs in CSV format. Many datasets out there are in CSV
    format. CSV stands for comma separated values. The basic format of each object of the dataset is
    a line in the datafile, and each field of that element is separated by a comma, hence the name.
    For this part, I want you to count the number of players on the roster.
    You will use this number to dynamically allocate memory in the next part so it's important you
    get the number correct.
    As a test, there are 90 players on the roster, so if you get more or less than that don't move to part
    Part 2: Read the players into a data structure
    Now that you know how many players there are on the roster, you will now need to read the
    players from the roster into your array.
    Before you do that you will need to create a data structure to hold the data.
    Each player has specific attributes associated with them and each has a type that should be used
    with that attribute. I suggest you use the following:
    number: unsigned char (a char is just a byte of data and football numbers go from 1-99)
    name: string (AKA char*)
    pos: string
    ht: string

    wt: integer (some players weight more than 256)
    age: unsigned char
    exp: string
    college: string
    Make a struct using the above attributes.
    Now you should allocate an array that can hold all this data for all the players. How will you do
    Then read in the players data, and store them in the array you just created.
    Part 3: Query the Data
    For this part, prompt the user for a player number, the after the number is entered ,search your
    player array for that number, then print out all the associated player data based on that query. If
    the there is no player associated with that return an error message. Your program should continue
    letting the user query the data until the user types -1.

    I did this one for my self. I did part one.
    But I have no idea how to handle part 2 and 3
    Here is my code.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main() {
            FILE *fp;
            int count = 0;
            char c;
            fp = fopen("cheifs2015.csv","r");
            for (c = getc(fp); c != EOF; c = getc(fp)) {
                    if ( c == '\n') count = count + 1;
            printf("%d players\n", count);
            struct players {
            unsigned char number;
            char *name;
            char *pos;
            char *ht;
            int wt;
            unsigned char age;
            char *exp;
            char *college;
            struct players *x = malloc(sizeof(*x));  // allocated array
            return 0;

    I can't attach files so here is file information.

    39,"Abdullah, Husain",DB,6-0,204,30,7,Washington State
    57,"Alexander, D.J.",LB,6-2,233,23,R,Oregon State
    71,"Allen, Jeff",OL,6-4,306,25,4,Illinois
    81,"Avant, Jason",WR,6-0,210,32,10,Michigan
    97,"Bailey, Allen",DL,6-3,288,26,5,Miami (Fla.)
    29,"Berry, Eric",DB,6-0,211,26,6,Tennessee
    27,"Branch, Tyvon",DB,6-0,210,28,8,Connecticut
    9,"Bray, Tyler",QB,6-6,215,23,3,Tennessee
    4,"Brown, Da'Ron",WR,6-0,199,23,R,Northern Illinois
    77,"Catapano, Mike",DL,6-4,270,25,3,Princeton
    25,"Charles, Jamaal",RB,5-11,199,28,7,Texas
    2,"Colquitt, Dustin",SP,6-3,210,33,11,Tennessee
    26,"Commings, Sanders",DB,6-0,223,25,3,Georgia
    17,"Conley, Chris",WR,6-3,205,22,R,Georgia
    6,"Cook, Kenny",WR,6-4,218,23,R,Gardner-Webb
    31,"Cooper, Marcus",DB,6-2,192,25,3,Rutgers
    10,"Daniel, Chase",QB,6-0,225,28,7,Missouri
    59,"Davis, Ja'Gared",LB,6-0,238,24,1,Southern Methodist
    34,"Davis, Knile",RB,5-10,227,23,3,Arkansas
    70,"DeVito, Mike",DL,6-3,305,31,9,Maine
    75,"Dima, Anthony",OL,6-6,295,24,1,Massachusetts
    76,"Duvernay-Tardif, Laurent",OL,6-5,315,24,2,McGill (Canada)
    48,"East, Andrew",SP,6-2,220,23,R,Vanderbilt
    74,"Fanaika, Paul",OL,6-5,327,29,5,Arizona State
    93,"Fangupo, Hebron",DL,6-0,324,30,2,Brigham Young
    72,"Fisher, Eric",OL,6-7,315,24,3,Central Michigan
    30,"Fleming, Jamell",DB,5-11,206,26,4,Oklahoma
    55,"Ford, Dee",LB,6-2,243,24,2,Auburn
    69,"Frye, Garrett",OL,6-5,290,22,R,Georgia Southern
    73,"Fulton, Zach",OL,6-5,316,23,2,Tennessee
    23,"Gaines, Phillip",DB,6-0,193,24,2,Rice
    89,"Gordon, Richard",TE,6-4,268,28,5,Miami (Fla.)
    66,"Grubbs, Ben",OL,6-3,310,31,9,Auburn
    91,"Hali, Tamba",LB,6-3,275,31,10,Penn State
    85,"Hammond, Frankie",WR,6-1,185,25,2,Florida
    84,"Harris, Demetrius",TE,6-7,230,24,2,Wis.-Milwaukee
    88,"Hemingway, Junior",WR,6-1,225,26,3,Michigan
    44,"Hester, Aaron",DB,6-1,207,25,1,UCLA
    50,"Houston, Justin",LB,6-3,258,26,5,Georgia
    96,"Howard, Jaye",DL,6-3,301,26,4,Florida
    74,"Irving, David",DL,6-7,273,22,R,Iowa State
    56,"Johnson, Derrick",LB,6-3,242,32,11,Texas
    52,"Johnson, James-Michael",LB,6-1,240,26,4,Nevada
    87,"Kelce, Travis",TE,6-5,260,25,3,Cincinnati
    64,"Kush, Eric",OL,6-4,313,25,3,California (Pa.)
    15,"Luckett, Donatella",WR,6-0,211,24,R,Harding
    19,"Maclin, Jeremy",WR,6-0,198,27,7,Missouri
    59,"March, Justin",LB,6-0,230,22,R,Akron
    95,"Martin, Josh",LB,6-3,245,23,3,Columbia (N.Y.)
    94,"Martin, Vaughn",DL,6-4,300,29,6,Western Ontario (Canada)
    90,"Mauga, Josh",LB,6-1,245,28,6,Nevada
    24,"McCray, Kelcie",DB,6-1,205,26,4,Arkansas State
    61,"Morse, Mitch",OL,6-6,305,23,R,Missouri
    54,"Moses, Dezman",LB,6-2,249,26,3,Tulane
    77,"Munyer, Daniel",OL,6-2,295,23,R,Colorado
    7,"Murray, Aaron",QB,6-1,210,24,2,Georgia
    20,"Nelson, Steven",DB,5-11,194,22,R,Oregon State
    99,"Nunez-Roches, Rakeem",DL,6-2,307,22,R,Southern Mississippi
    80,"O'Shaughnessy, James",TE,6-4,245,23,R,Illinois State
    40,"Olatoye, Deji",DB,6-1,194,24,R,North Carolina A&T
    38,"Parker, Ron",DB,6-0,206,28,5,Newberry
    45,"Penny, Kenneth",DB,5-11,173,24,R,UNLV
    22,"Peters, Marcus",DB,6-0,197,22,R,Washington
    92,"Poe, Dontari",DL,6-3,346,25,4,Memphis
    60,"Pughsley, Jarrod",OL,6-4,310,24,1,Akron
    32,"Reaves, Darrin",RB,5-10,220,22,R,Alabama-Birmingham
    62,"Reed, Marcus",OL,6-3,345,23,R,Fayetteville State
    65,"Rooks, Tavon",OL,6-5,300,25,1,Kansas State
    5,"Santos, Cairo",SP,5-8,160,23,2,Tulane
    47,"Schiltz, Adam",TE,6-4,256,25,1,Emporia State
    42,"Sherman, Anthony",RB,5-10,242,26,5,Connecticut
    67,"Sherrod, Derek",OL,6-6,321,26,5,Mississippi State
    46,"Short, Kevin",DB,6-2,190,23,R,Fort Scott CC
    11,"Smith, Alex",QB,6-4,217,31,11,Utah
    8,"Smith, Jeret",WR,6-0,215,22,R,McMurry
    21,"Smith, Sean",DB,6-3,218,28,7,Utah
    49,"Sorensen, Daniel",DB,6-2,208,25,2,Brigham Young
    79,"Stephenson, Donald",OL,6-6,312,26,4,Oklahoma
    82,"Taylor, Ryan",TE,6-3,254,27,5,North Carolina
    13,"Thomas, De'Anthony",RB/WR,5-8,176,22,2,Oregon
    75,"Tuaau, Charles",DL,6-5,310,23,R,Texas A&M Comm.
    30,"Ware, Spencer",RB,5-10,229,23,2,LSU
    1,"Washington, L’Damian",WR,6-4,204,24,1,Missouri
    35,"West, Charcandrick",RB,5-10,205,24,2,Abilene Christian
    83,"Williams, Fred",WR,6-0,190,,,St. Cloud State University
    98,"Williams, Nick",DL,6-4,309,25,2,Samford
    12,"Wilson, Albert",WR,5-9,200,23,2,Georgia State
    53,"Wilson, Ramik",LB,6-2,237,23,R,Georgia
    41,"Winchester, James",SP,6-3,240,26,1,Oklahoma
    51,"Zombo, Frank",LB,6-3,254,28,6,Central Michigan

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    I did this one for my self. I did part one.
    Have you considered retrieving a line at a time in your "count" loop instead retrieving single characters at a time?

    Part 2: Read the players into a data structure
    You have all of those pointers in your structure definition, how and where are you allocating memory for those pointers? Perhaps you should consider using fixed sized strings instead of the pointers?

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    Well I have no idea now. Can you just handle the problems please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jihyungkim94 View Post
    Well I have no idea now. Can you just handle the problems please?
    "...a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are,in short, a perfect match.." Bill Bryson

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