Thread: Loading file, matrix problem C

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    Loading file, matrix problem C

    I'm writing a program that is supposed to load a file with a matrix in it. The format is: the first number is always the number of unknowns, the rest are matrix numbers going from the left to the right. I have problem loading the numbers, the program always loads the number of unknowns only - the first number of the .txt file, the rest are zeros.
        int i = 0;
                int u = 0;
                int probehl = 0;
                float x = 7;
                file = fopen("matica.txt", "r");
                if (file != NULL)
                    fscanf(file, "%d", &unknown);
                    printf("Number of unknowns: %d\n", unknown);
                        fscanf(file, "%d", &x);
                        printf("[cislo: %d]%f ", probehl, x);
                        A[i][u] = x;
                        if (u > unknown)
                            u = 0;
    I would appreciate any help. I am very bad at coding... Also I am sorry for my English.

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    Also posted here.

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