Thread: program ends after else statement is run. Help a beginner.

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    program ends after else statement is run. Help a beginner.

    In my code, if it runs an else statement, then the code ends despite there being other code below that I want to run. This only happens when it runs else statements, not if and else if statements. Is there any way to fix or stop this from happening?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
    	printf ("the numbers are %d, %d, %f \n" ,3,4,4.5);
    	printf ("the character is %c \n", 'h');
    	int age;
    		printf ("what is your age? \n");
    		scanf ("%d",&age);
    	if (age == 17) {
    		printf ("You are as old as me! \n");
    	else if (age < 17) 
    		printf ("You are younger than me! \n");
    			if (age == 16)
    				printf ("You can drive. \n");
    						printf ("You are younger than me and cant drive.");
    	else if (age > 100)
    		printf ("Youre probally lying. \n");
    	else {
    		printf ("Your older than me! \n");
    		if (age < 21)
    			printf ("youre older than me, but not 21 \n");
    				printf (" Your older than me and 21 years! \n");
    	int a;
    		printf (" Enter an integer between 1 and 10. \n");
    		scanf ("%d", &a);
    	int b;
    		printf ("Enter another number between 1 and 10. \n");
    		scanf ("%d", &b);
    	int c;
    		c= (a>b) ? a : b;
    	printf ("c = %d \n", c);
    	return 0;
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