Thread: Using & in #define

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    Using & in #define

    I am trying to use some code from Ronald Mak's Writing Compilers & Interpreters:

    #define enter_name_local_symtab(name, &symtab_display[level])  \
       idp = enter_symtab(name, &symtab_display[level])
    and this comes up with an error
    "&" cannot be used in a macro parameter list. I note that this is used quite a bit in the book (the book is quite old, so the C will be outdated).

    How do I get over this?

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    You put the complexity in when you call the macro, not when you declare it.
    #define enter_name_local_symtab(a, b)  \
       idp = enter_symtab(a,b)
    // then later, use the macro
    enter_name_local_symtab(name, &symtab_display[level])
    The macro parameters are just placeholders, to be replaced literally with the values used when you call the macro.
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    Have a look at: where it has:

    /* enter_name_local_symtab() enter the given name into the local symtab   */
    /*                      and set pointer to the entry                      */
    #define enter_name_local_symtab(idp, name)                     \
      idp = enter_symtab(name, &symtab_display[level])
    I don't particularly like that very much at all but it will at least work assuming there is a variable 'level' in scope (that's the stupid part I don't like)

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    Thank you Salem and Hodor. I'll look at your suggestions and see how they work before I progress further.

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