Thread: How do I read last n characters of a string in a single file?

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    How do I read last n characters of a string in a single file?

    I want to read the last n characters of a line in the file "passwordhashes.txt". If "$1$$" is detected in a line, I want to print the last 26 characters of that line and if "$6$$" is detected instead, I want to print the last 90 characters of that line. The following code returns the first 26 characters if md5 is detected and first 90 characters if sha512 is detected but that is not what I want.

    #include <stdlib.h>
            #include <stdio.h>
            #include <string.h>
            #include <strings.h>
            int printDataError(){
              printf("Data error: Invalid entry found (Skipped)\n");
            int main(void)
                    char buf[1024];
                    char **arr2 = NULL;
                    int size2 = 0;
                    FILE *f2;
                    f2 = fopen("passwordhashes.txt", "r");
                    while(fgets(buf, 1024, f2))
                        arr2 = realloc(arr2, sizeof(char*) * size2);
                        arr2[size2 - 1] = strdup(buf);
                char line[1000];
                   char hash[1000];
                   char md5[5]= "$1$$";
                   char sha512[5]="$6$$";
                  char *ret;
                  char *ret2;
               //Read file line by line     
               for(int j = 0; j < size2; j++){
                memset(hash, '\0', sizeof(hash));
                strcpy(line, arr2[j]);
                //Search for md5 
                  ret = strstr(line, md5);
                //Search for sha512
                  ret2 = strstr(line, sha512);
                if (ret){
                   strncpy(hash, line,26);
                   printf("Line %d hash: %s\n", j+1,hash);
                else if (ret2){
                  strncpy(hash, line,90);
                   printf("Line %d hash: %s\n", j+1,hash);
                    return 0;

    A few lines in the passwordhashes.txt (there are a total of 219128 lines in this file so I will just list out a few):


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    I think you are close it is just a matter of adjusting the line pointer.

    strncpy(hash, line + strlen(line) - 26 - 1, 27);

    strncpy(hash, line + strlen - 90 - 1, 91);

    This should work for each respective case. The extra plus or minus 1 in the arguments is to make sure that the data you print doesn't really count \n. It may be in the hash string nontheless, but you will see 26/90 characters that matter.

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