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    Missing header file

    I have gcc installed.

    When compiling stars.cpp, STARS.CPP:12:16: fatal error: dos.h: No such file or directory

    dos.h is no where on drive.

    Is there a place to get the header files i will need?


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    Linux does not suppose DOS, so no dos.h, if you're not running Linux, then wait for one that knows about other than Linux. you might want to include what your OS is.

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    dos.h is, as its name implies, an interface file for MS-DOS. Functions for interrupts, system i/o and timing were traditionally put in there. In other words, it isn't available in non-Windows systems. I also think it isn't supported by most open-source compilers either, but don't quote me on that.
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    DOS C compiler on DOSBox maybe?

    Install Turbo C++ Compiler on 64-bit Windows 7 Using DosBox - techinfoBiT FreeDOS Group -- Development

    IMO, go after the stuff listed in the FreeDOS link. It has DJGCC which is a GCC port to DOS. It's going to be way more modern than Turbo C for DOS.

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    Well not trying to learn or copy from any code which uses dos.h would be a big help.

    Chances are, it was long obsolete before you were born.
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