Thread: defining a macro to replace a function

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    defining a macro to replace a function

    Hi all
    I came from a different language where you could have a macro like this:

    mac_func1 macro &a, &b
    some definitions...

    which when you do
    rc = mac_func1 parm1, parm2

    will translate to
    rc = func1 (1, parm1, parm2)
    in C I can do

    #define mac_func1 (parm1, parm2) func1 (1, parm1, parm2)

    however, if you do
    rc = mac_func1 (myparm1, myparm2)

    The compiler will yell about parm1 and parm2 not defined

    Is there a way in C to virtualize the signature?
    Thanks all
    Ze'ev Atlas

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    Remove the space before the macro's parameter list.

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    Usually it is recommended to post a small program that we can compile and test before answering your questions.

    If you are compiling for a 32 or 64 bit O/S such as Windows or Linux, it is usually recommended to use normal functions rather than "macro functions". You really don't gain any noticeable efficiency over a normal function.

    Macro functions are more error-prone! No type checking! Possible side effects. Possible code bloat. etc...

    I no longer use them, or inline functions as well. Current compilers such as gcc or clang will do better optimizations, than you can get using macro functions.

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    Thank you all
    Indeed I've left a space which was wrong
    I will take the advice and will not use macro function as I realized that this could lead to errors as stated.

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