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    Red face from file to arrays

    Hi everyone ,, i hope u r fine !!

    i have question says
    : from file to arrays-15121616111-png

    Should i convert from file to arrays ?

    if(answer == yes );

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    I off the top of my head, I could say no. Using rewind or fseek to reset your stream. and maybe toss in ftell and other helpers to search the file to see if their is a match could be used instead of putting everything into an array first then looking in the array.

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    Should i convert from file to arrays ?
    Unless your file is extremely large yes. Trying to search through a text file is very very slow and trying to use seek() or any of the other file positioning mechanisms are not too reliable when dealing with text files.

    But if you do use arrays, you should be using an array of a structure not parallel arrays.

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