Thread: Confusion with pointers!

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    Smile Confusion with pointers!

    for example
    int *p' //means an integer pointer
    int p = 4*8;//means a integer number
    Can you note that I am using the same operator in two completely different scenarios and the operator knows how to perform the job depending upon its position. So how does it do that?

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    The compiler keeps track of the order or elements in each expression and interprets the * (Asterisk) accordingly. There are fixed rules that ensure there's no ambiguity, even if things can get hard to parse for humans working with the code.

    There is also the dereference operator:
    int i = 5 * 7;
    int* p = &i;
    int j = *p; // dereference p to get i
    Maybe if the language was designed nowadays, different characters would be used:
    int i = 5 * 7;
    int^ p = @i; // int pointer p = address of i

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