Thread: Issues with file reading

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    Issues with file reading

    Hello everyone,

    To say it simply I've wanted to construct my own database-management system in C language with data files in YAML format.
    I have managed to create a database with multiple tables with for each table a YAML file which contains every rows and columns. It's very experimental for now but my issue today is to modify a given row from a specific table. For that I would want to know the structure of the table from the YAML file so I've tried plenty of methods to parse it using strtok() but I couldn't get to have the expected result. Here's the format of every data file:

      idColumn: 0
      column1: 90
      column2: Test
      idColumn: 1
      column1: 4
      column2: Test2
    What I want to retrieve is only the name of every columns from a table but I have issues trying to parse it.
    Also I'm a beginner in programming, even more in C, so I'm having hard times understanding how it works

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    Is the format strict or loose? I'm asking because if it's strict, you can simply search for double quotation marks at the start of each line. I'm not familiar with YAML format, sorry...
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