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    C programming homework

    Hello all, I've been tackling some C problems lately considering I'm very new to it. I hope someone can help me with this question cause I'm stuck. If someone can write the code, i would analyze it step by step and understand it myself. Thanks

    "Write a program that includes a memory introspection functionview stack frame(), printing out the stack frame of caller functions.For simplicity’s sake, you may assume that all variablesinside the callers’ stack frames are all of the same type, althoughtheir number may vary. The function displays output organized intwo columns, the first displaying addresses of variables while thesecond displays their corresponding values. Symbolic identifiersdo not feature."

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    Well do you know anything about how stack frames are organised?

    Do you know what a frame pointer is (that's a good google term btw)?

    Have you researched C calling conventions?

    > If someone can write the code, i would analyze it step by step and understand it myself.
    But not anywhere near as much as writing it yourself.

    Which machine are you targetting?
    Which compiler are you using?
    Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Return Address
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    This hardly seems like the kind of homework given to a completely new programmer so why are you asking us to write it instead of writing it yourself and asking about areas where you get stuck?

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