Hi !
I'm new to this board and
greetings to all of you.

My question is :
I'm developping an ERP with Glade and C for self teaching
purpose. I'm starting from scratch. Glade programming is
really fun.

I've been integrating socket programming, a simple
client/server, in my code and it's working. But I'm confuse
about the security of the connection ... in that if I wireshark/tap
the tcp connection, even if I use a pgp approche between the
client-server, how the hell I'm sure of the identity of the client ?

Because one way or the other, I will see the contain of the
security part easy from the middleman.

Did I missed something or am I just to tired to think clearly ?
Am I going overkill ?

Going openssl ?

I'm planning to integrate OCI and/or DBLIB and/or Mysql api... so

3 days thinking about that...

Thank you for any suggestions !