Thread: Setting up a usage message cmd

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    Setting up a usage message cmd

    Hi, I'm new to C programming and I'm currently working on an assignment that takes in cmd arguments and processes them.

    My issue is providing a customized usage message. Do i just type:
    //my message

    and then its automatically saved?
    How do I then call that usage message to be printed when a user enters -help in cmd

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    Oh, you mean something like this?
    mycmd -h
    mycmd --help
    You have to make your program output the message you want when the user gives "-h" or "--help" through the command line. There are independent programs that display helpful information, such as "man" for linux.

    The simpler implementation for what you want, albeit ad-hoc, is something like the following:
    // Inside a loop
    if (strcmp(argv[i], "-h") == 0 || strcmp(argv[i], "--help") == 0) {
        puts("Helpful message!");
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    void usage(void)
                "Syntax is: [command1 <arg1..>] [command2 <arg1..>]...\n"
                "Accepts --long and -short options as --long options\n"
                "some stuff here \n"
                "Some more stuff here\n"
                "even more stuff here\n"
    saves from writing printf more than once.

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