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    linked list

     struct node* AppendNode(struct node** headRef, int num) {
      struct node* current = *headRef;
       // special case for the empty list
       if (current == NULL) {
       Push(headRef, num);   ->why not use & in front of headref?
       } else {
       // Locate the last node
       while (current->next != NULL) {
       current = current->next;
       // Build the node after the last node
       Push(&(current->next), num);
    i tried to practice linked list, this is code to add node using push, but i was confuse in this part, Push(headRef, num);

    ,in here why not using ampersand for &headref? if the argument is only headref, is it only copy the pointer to the push function?

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    Notice that headRef is a pointer to a pointer to struct Node.
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