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    1)Make a program in C that defines a struct type of BALL (typedef) name, containing a "Color" (which can be black or white) and a pointing field for the BALL type named "AP-prox". Create also a name "FIRST" for the BALL type. Then book an area of memory card to the "FIRST" pointer and initialize it with the black "Color" and AP-prox pointing to NULL. Then reserve a BOLA memory area with a new name pointer "SECOND" that will point to this area, initialize it with white color and AP-prox pointing to NULL. Make the AP-prox pointer field of the pointer "FIRST" point to the "SECOND" pointer. Create another pointer for the BALL type, named "THIRD" and reserve a memory area for it, initializing the "Color" field with the black value and the field "AP-prox" pointing to NULL. Make the value of the AP-prox field of the pointer "SECOND" point to the "THIRD" pointer.
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    So you've posted your assignment, but we've no idea what your current 'C' skill level is (however poor).

    Show us what you've managed to figure out for yourself, and then we can help you get over the next hurdle.
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