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    Practical C knowledge

    Hello everyone !

    First of all I hope my english will be understandable, but if not - please tell me about this.

    I would like to ask you for help. I need many practical resources about C programming. Short story about me - I love C language and linux os and I have strong theoretical knowledge about C language (it's opinion from company where I applied without success), structures, pointers etc, but I have a problem with implementing solutions like linked lists, stack and others.

    I search Internet for any problems to solve, structures implemented in C and others. Do you know any good resources that programmer can improve his practical skills ? I also look for any idea to build big program in C which, I don't know, requires multitasking ? I will be very grateful if you will provide me any links, titles of books where are practical problems to be implemented in C. I'm not looking for theoretical links and tutorials.


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    Try the C Book Recommendations sticky thread at the top of this forum. Examples: The C Programming Language (Kernighan and Ritchie), C Programming: A Modern Approach (King), Algorithms in C (Sedgewick).

    Things like multitasking operating systems and multithreading are specialized topics. Resources exist for those topics, too, but they go beyond C programming. Some specialized topics assume or require C programming skills as a prerequisite.

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