Thread: error using C macro

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    error using C macro

    Hi all,

    I need some help with the following problem.

    I have a C macro defined like this:

    #define AB_MAX_us_OP(_____ec)    (long)(AB_MAX_bits_AP(_____ec)*D_T_US)
    In my program, I am trying to use this macro to assign its value like this:

    long find_window(void)
        long window;
        window = AB_MAX_us_OP( APPLICATION_EC );
        return window;
    but I receive the following error.

    error: expected identifier or ‘(’ before ‘long’
    #define AB_MAX_us_OP(_____ec) (long)(AB_MAX_bits_AP(_____ec)*D_T_US)

    I have used the same macro in another location but there I did not receive an error.



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    The fact that you already used the macro somewhere else successfully means that there's something wrong with the code above this define.
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    as @GReaper said,

    the error maybe in your AB_MAX_bits_AP macro

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