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    > the compiler will assume
    Are you sure? I wouldn't trust it.
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    the compiler will assume whatever function you dont include a header for is extern and search the standard headers then headers in the directory your working from for the matching function
    I suppose that will do.

    >Are you sure? I wouldn't trust it.
    Every compiler I know of will do this, but you can never be sure. So it's always best to include the proper headers.

    >i dont get how this works can someone explain?
    scanf will read one character which can only be within the range of 1 - 4. It will then read the trailing newline in an attempt to clear the buffer.

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    cheers every1 for you help it is much appreciated and i understand the simple stuff and it has been very useful! Seems like i accidentally started of a bit of a tiff, lol. Cheers guys.

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