Thread: Error checking for is number or isdigit?

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    Error checking for is number or isdigit?

    How would I go about checking for mishaps in typos that is suppose to be in a number format as such 3s or 3m or 3 if someone enters something like this,
    userx@slackwhere\⚡/media/data/C-Projects/mhsetroot/mhsetroot/bin/Debug\⚡\ > 
    ./mhsetroot -over-ride   -z f3m  /media/data/wallpaper
    f3m //that is what was typed in
    0 // that is what what the value is in the var because nothing usable is returned.
    defaults time settings // that is what gets called if value is zero,
    therefore the function that sets the default time when -z option is not used is called due to var being zero.
    int seconds_or_minutes(char *what_is_it)
        const char sec = 's';
        const char min = 'm';
        char str1[1+strlen(what_is_it)];
        strcpy(str1, what_is_it);
        if ( strrchr(what_is_it, sec) )
            return (atoi( strtok(str1, "s") ));
        if( strrchr(what_is_it, min) )
            return (atoi(strtok(str1,"m")) * 60);
        if (isdigit(what_is_it))
            printf("is not a number\n");
        //defaults to seconds
        return atoi(what_is_it);
    just to show how it calls for the value using getopts, and the other function that sets default time when option -z not used. So you'll know what is going on with that end of it.
      case 'z':
                if (optarg == NULL)
                printf("< %s >\n",optarg);
                opts.ch_t =  seconds_or_minutes(optarg);
    #ifndef DEFAULT_TIME
    #define DEFAULT_TIME (5 * 60)
    #endif // DEFAULT_TIME
    void default_time_settings(void)
    printf("defaults time settings\n");
        if(opts.ch_t == 0)
            opts.ch_t = DEFAULT_TIME;
    So, what would, is a good way to accomplish this feet (feat) of getting it to stop the program if such a mishaps as that is preformed?

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