Thread: Modifying I2C code not working

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    Modifying I2C code not working

    I am trying to communicate an arduino master using I2C to read ADC values of a slave.
    When the master sends some data ( i.e 0x20 for ADC register1) an interupt service routine (Combuf_isr) is run which is supposed to interpret this data (know that I want to read adc register), then read the adc register and then write the adc values so that the master can read them.
    I would like to have it so that the adc values are periodically updated and the master can just send read maybe every 100ms.
    I am new to C so I can only come up with something like the code below but problem is I do not think it updates the adc values periodically.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    void main(void)
               COMBUF_Flag = 1;
               /* Transmit received data */
               COM_MCU_TO_DIF_B = COMBUF_Rx_Buf[0];
    .................................................. .................................................. ...........

    interrupt void COMBUF_Handler(void)
           int res;
           int cmd = COM_DIF_TO_MCU_B; /* read COMBUF data */
           cmd = -1;
           /* process COMBUF data */
           switch (cmd)
    /* 0x20 to represent ADC reading PADC_DATA1 reg */
               case 0x20:
                   res = PADC_DATA1;
    /* 0x22 to represent DAC reading DAC_reg_0 register */
               case 0x22:
                   res = PADC_DATA3;
                    /* the cmd is invalid, so -1 will be returned */
       COMBUF_Rx_Buf[0] = res;          /* write data to COM_MCU_TO_DIF? */
       COMBUF_RX_STATUS_CLEAR();            /* Clear receive status */
       COMBUF_Flag = 1;                     /* Flag to process rx data */
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    Before you massively complicate matters by adding an ISR to the mix, why not try polling in a loop to see if your basic idea actually works.
    while ( 1 ) {
        // wait here until a sample is ready
        while ( /* something */ )
        // read the sample
        // display sample, print it, send it to port, something...
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    Hi. The basic Idea does work.
    It is the ISR that I need help with...I would like the ISR to periodically read the adc data and write it to COM_MCU_TO_DIF (line 27).

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