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    inet_pton IPv6 question

    My code works for the local loopback address "::1". I want to change it so it works for any IPv6 address.

    If I set my server IPv6 computer's address as "fd00::1" and I don't set up any IPv6 address for my client can I set up the address structure for my server, like:

    int portNum = 3344;
    char *addrIn = "fd00::1";
    char *addrOut;
    int success = inet_pton(AF_INET6, addrIn, addrOut);
    sAddr->sin6_flowinfo = 0;
    sAddr->sin6_family = AF_INET6;
    sAdr->sin6_addr = addrOut; // Instead of in6addr_any
    sAddr->sin6_port = htons(portNum);

    And, I can set up my client like:

    struct hostent *server;
    char *phostAddr ="fd00::1";
    server = gethostbyname2(phostAddr, AF_INET6);
    cAddr->sin6_flowinfo = 0;
    cAddr->sin6_family = AF_INET6;
    memmove((char *) &cAddr>sin6_addr.s6_addr, (char *) server->h_addr, server->h_length)
    cAddr->sin6_port = htons(portNum);
    I'm mostly interested in whether my client code makes sense and whether or not I need to set up an IPv6 address for my client because my client does not have a GUI for IPv6, but works for the IPv6 loopback address. Also, whether the IPv6 address that I chose for my server would work for Ethernet connection?
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    I stopped reading on the line 5
    From the manual for inet_pton
    The address is converted to a struct in6_addr and
    copied to dst, which must be sizeof(struct in6_addr) (16)
    bytes (128 bits) long.
    since your addrOut is uninitialized - this call should crash.

    Do you really have some working code you are trying to modify?
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