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    c struct with pointer

    please help
    I have a struct with a pointer to another struct

    typedef struct f{
        fl *fl;
        f *next;
    typedef struct fl{
        int i;
    my problem is when i try to add a new item
    i initiate a new fl struct with malloc
    *fl new_line=(*fl)malloc(sizeof(fl));
    f->fl =fl;
    fl is recognized in the scope but it losses all values when i am out of the function

    what am i doing wrong?

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    Well better names would be a help, rather than short identifiers differing only by a single letter.

    typedef struct node {
        item *item;
        node *next;
    } node;
    typedef struct item {
        int i;
    } item;
    node *makeNewNode ( int i ) {
      node *newNode = malloc(sizeof(*newNode));
      newNode->item = malloc(sizeof(*newNode->item));
      newNode->item->i = i;
      newNode->next = NULL;
      return newNode;
    > what am i doing wrong?
    Hard to say, you didn't really post enough code to say for sure.
    Random 1-line snippets of your thoughts doesn't really work.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    The code you've posted is full of typos!
    It won't even compile, let alone run.
    There are so many errors it's ridiculous!
    Please don't type ridiculously broken code into the forum.
    Instead, copy and paste your actual code.
    That way we won't waste our time on your stupid typos.

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