Thread: What is this constant?

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    What is this constant?

    I looked in the Include stdlib.h and I saw there such code:
    extern int system (const char *__command) __wur;
    I'm interested in; __wur.
    I searched on the Internet and on includes but did not find anything, what is it?

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    Something internal to the compiler or library implementation.

    If you really wish to know find a site that supports your compiler and ask there.
    Or, at least post your compiler information in this thread and maybe someone will be able to answer the question.

    Tim S.
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    My gcc: 4.9.2-10 gnueabihf

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    It tells the compiler to warn about an unused result.

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    re: __wur

    From a Bug Report:
    Unfortunately glibc marks fwrite --- but oddly not the other stdio
    output functions --- with __wur (which expands to
    __attribute__((__warn_unused_result__)) when optimization is enabled
    and the _FORTIFY_SOURCE feature is in use).
    From the GNU Website:
    The warn_unused_result attribute causes a warning to be emitted if a caller of the function with this attribute does not use its return value. This is useful for functions where not checking the result is either a security problem or always a bug, such as realloc.

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