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    Question convert an string within a struct

    Here's the struct:
    typedef struct __dun_request
    char to_dun_msgid[12];
    char to_dun_rc[2];
    char to_dun_send_len[4];
    char to_dun_rec_len[4];
    char to_dun_filler[12];
    char to_dun_userdata[6000];
    } dun_request_def;

    I pass to_dun_send_length = "0034".

    atoi(dun_from_buf.fr_dun_rec_len) returns 12320

    any ideas why?

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    >char to_dun_send_len[4];
    is 4 bytes long,
    is 5 bytes long. 4 you can see, the last is the null terminator. The code is therefore bugged, as you can't use the array as a string.

    And I trust you used strcpy() (or similar) to populate the array, as opposed to a straight assign like you showed?
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